CardMe: Digital Identification

Interaction Design
Fall 2019

Duration: 3 Weeks
Instructiors: Jonas Christiansen, Stevan Jung
School of Visual Arts
Softwares Used
Sketch // Wireframing & UI
Principle // Prototyping
Adobe Photoshop // Mockups

Internationals in the United States often find it difficult to prove their Date of Birth with their local Govt. ID. Bars/Clubs, event hosts and pharmacies are unable to determine the authenticity of an International Identity. CardMe is a digital solution. 

Passport is the only document that is globaly accepted as a proof of the Date of Birth.

However, it is extremely risky to carry a document like that around.

User Personna &Storyboard

(Use Carousal)

There are two types of CardMe Users:

︎ Visitors/Consumers
︎ Venue/ Sellers (CARD ME II)

User type 1:Visitors

Other Features

Maps and History

Overview of the venues that use CardMe App near the user’s active location.

Document Overview & Profile

To keep track of Passport and Visa expirations. The profile tab gives a summary of history and linked accounts (Ticketmaster etc. to purchase tickets for events that have age restrictions)