Panini Pandey
UI/UX Designer from India currently working at Brooklyn Digital Foundry in New York City.

Gully Gang ︎︎︎

Film, Creative Direction, Direction
and Animation Producer

Visual Design ︎︎︎

Branding, Graphic Design, Typography, Editorial Design

About Me ︎︎︎

I’m Panini

UI/UX Designer based in New York City, currently working at Brooklyn Digital Foundry. With 3+ years of experience in visual arts, I attempt to create a meaningful dialogue between aesthetic visuals and functional design. I’m solution driven and focus on optimization and scalibility.

I also lead creatives at the Mumbai based entertainment company and record label Gully Gang Entertainment .... Read More

Interaction Design


BDF Website Redesign ︎︎︎

Transforming  Brooklyn Digital Foundry’s website to update their visual identity and UX to increase RFPs for their Digital Design Services.

Client: Brooklyn Digital Foundry
Role: UI/UX Design, Prototyping, Animation


BDF’s Education Application Concept [Article]︎︎︎

High-Fidelity mockups in the form of functional prototypes for an article about efficient digitization of higher education during the COVID era written by Brooklyn Digital Foundry.

Client: Brooklyn Digital Foundry
Role: UI Design, Prototyping


Selected Assignments︎︎︎

Selected work done at Brooklyn Digital Foundry that includes optimized design solutions ranging from accesibility updates and animation prototyping to navigation redesign to increase discoverablity, enhance storytelling and site engagement.

Clients: Alloy, McNulty Foundation, Resnicow and Associates, Social Media Assets and more
Role: UI/UX Design, Prototyping


QuickBite ︎︎︎

A faster alternative to online food ordering - solving the problem of option paralysis and optimizing the experience for consumers.

School Project: School of Visual Arts, NYC
Role: UI/UX Design, Prototyping, Branding

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