“NOAR.”︎Augmented Reality for Musicians and Listeners


Panini Pandey
Hai Nguyen
School of Visual Arts
Fall 2019
Duration: 3 Weeks
Instructor /Augmented Reality/
Sam Brewton
One Semester

︎A platform that allows artists to use Augmented Reality as a medium to create new promotional experiences for their audiences to promote music, tours and other projects.

︎ Landing Screen of the Noar showing previews of upcoming events and trending news


There are two ways of creating experiences 

🔍 🌎️ ONE: DiscovAR

Artist picks locations all over the world where it would premiere new music through AR experience


︎Most people record concerts to share memories with peers, ConcertAR allows artists to add to this digital experience by introducing new ideas to the screen/interface.

︎A more shareable experience since each person’s way of interacting with AR will be unique.

How it works 

The user can discover music by either tapping on Find Music or by responding to a notification.

︎︎︎    ︎︎︎    ︎︎︎

When a user is in the proximity of such a location, it gets a notification about new music floating around.

︎Find Music leads to the next screen which is a map view of all the live experiences near you.
︎There are filters on top, and an overview of the experience closes to you. ︎ is you. Simple navigation leads you to the spot.

︎Once you reach, you can interact with the AR by tapping the cube.

︎Prototype and example of premiering new music through slow revelation.

🎤🎸 TWO: ConcertAR

Besides discovering music in your surroundings, you can experience concerts in AR through the ConcertAR feature, which has three parts to it


︎ ShowAR

︎SingAlong (WIP)

︎Intermission (WIP)

1. ShowAR.

People record the shows they attend, ShowAR allows attedees to add another layer of experience to their digital memories.


Concert information on top, current song
information at the bottom.

On swiping you can interact with the AR options -
ShowAR, SingAlong, Intermission

︎This demo shows how musicians can create AR Experiences for attendees at a concert.

2. SingAlong.


︎Face filter with lyrics for fans to create memories with the best lines of the song.

3. Intermission


︎A more utility based feature of NoAR that allows concert attendees to easily navigate around the concert space during intermission

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