Selected Assignments

Brooklyn Digital Foundey

User Interface Design
UX Design
Senior Designer, Strategist/ UX Designer, Developer, Me
June 2020 - June 2021

Some of recent published projects I worked on as a Junior Designer at Brooklyn Digital Foundry. [Jul 2020 - 2021]

Project 1

Resnicow and Associates home page redesign

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Resnicow + Associated commissioned BDF to refresh their homepage to deliver a much-needed upgrade while they plan a systemic, full-site rebuild in 2022. Due to a very limited scope of work, and the requirement of a new look for their incoming press release, the design approach had to optimize resources and time and minimize time spent.

Old Website
Old Website


It was important to maintain the brutalist identity, identifying and utilizing existing styles to make the following visual updates:
  • Adjust the rhythm of the layout to be more engaging and easily digestible
  • Reinvent certain modules such as hero to be more dynamic
  • Modify visual elements such as textstyle, padding, and color to reduce visual clutter
  • Improve accessibility

Brooklyn, New York