VIEUNI: College Assistance for International Students

School of Visual Arts
Fall 2018
Duration: 4 Weeks
Softwares Used
Sketch // Wireframing & UI
After Effects // Prototyping
Adobe Illustrator // Illustrations, Icons

Anna Fine
Sam Brewton


︎The number of international students in the U.S. reached an all time high - 1,078,822- during the 2016-2017 school year

︎About 33% students drop out after the first year of college (internationl and residents)

Each college has it’s own strengths and weaknesses and it’s important for a student to realize what would be the best environment to catalyze individual growth.

Most students (esp. international) encounter a number of challanges while applying to colleges in the U.S. because of:

︎Not being physically present to take campus tours and get an insight about the college life and way of teaching etc.

︎Too many online resources without credible information


A platform that serves reliable information from credible sources, i.e, experienced students and faculty

Live Streaming

Because seeing is believing. And what better than seeing things from the student perspective?

Benefits: Virtual College Experience
Interacting with current students

Getting almost every question about academics and lifestyle answered by current students

Benefits: Credible Resources
Getting recommendations tailored for you

Browsing is difficult, how about you just tell us who you are, what you like and get a list of colleges that would suit you best.

Benefits: Save browsing time

How Vieuni works: The user journey is divided into three phases

Phase 01:
On Boarding

Besides registration, the App uses the theory of 9 types of intelligences to create a cognitive profile and give every user a Vieuni Identity (VID). The VID reflects the user’s creative and logical inclinations, so that the right colleges are recommended and the user can be matched with similar candidates to interact with.

Phase 02:

The users get to discover colleges based on their academic, creative and extra curricualr preferences. Besides colleges, the users can explore live feeds and find students and faculty that they relate with.
Phase 03 :

The users get to discover colleges based on their academic, creative and extra curricualr preferences. Besides colleges, the users can explore live feeds and find students and faculty that they relate with.

User Flow & Journey

The user gets to rate each skill by either removing it or using the meter to indicate confidence in that particulat skillse

Drag up and hold to add a skill.

Drag down to discard the skill.

Cognitive Profile ︎ Academic Preferences
Based on the skills the user adds the App gives out up to 9 Major Options to the user to rat

Since each option is a result of the interest shown in the preceeding option, if the dots are connected, they result in a different pattern for every user, which gives them a unique identity as shown.

The colors reflect the right vs left brain dominance wherein the blue stands for ‘creative’ or right brain dominance and orange stands for ‘logical’ or left brain dominance.

Onboarding Instructions

Moreover, the profile icon on the navbar is on the right for users with right brain dominance and on the left for users with left brain dominance.

Orange or left dominant

Blue or right dominant


Discover Colleges

Discover Colleges ︎ College Profile

Discover Colleges ︎ College  ︎ Live Stream

The Question of the hour is the top rated question during the live stream.
If the question happens to be similar to something the user has posted in the FAQs, the user gets a notification about the question being answered live and can bookmark the stream for later reference.

Discover Colleges ︎ College  ︎ Meet People


Live Stream Timeline and
Recommended people
There is a timeline/ live stream ‘feed’ that allows you to see all current and old live streams which allows you to compare things easier. You can save or bookmark live streams as well

& Identity

The Circle

The identity of the app revolves around circles, which is derived from the ‘Record’ symbol, since live steaming is one of the key features of the application.


The icons are constructed using lines and circles wherein the lines are derived from the VID.

Symbol &
App Icon